Оf сo-operative education

Active vocabulary to remember

instruction (tuition) – обучение
development of character or mental powers – формирование нрава и развитие интеллектуальных возможностей
arrangements – организация
concerning – касательно
intellectually – интеллектуально
to carry out – проводить, делать
distinguish – отличать
to be established – был образованным
a higher educational institution (establishment) – высшее учебное заведение
continuous education – непрерывное образование
stock exchanges – фондовая Оf сo-operative education биржа
major provider of co-operative education – основной провайдер кооперативного образования
challenging and diverse opportunities – престижные и различные способности
to be experienced – заниматься
adult and lifelong learning programmes – программки обучения для взрослых и непрерывного образования
emphasize – подчеркивать, выделять
mutual – кооперативный
to promote, encourage, facilitate – способствовать и поддерживать Оf сo-operative education
accessible – доступный
to raise awareness – повысить компетентность
perception – восприятие
a range of – ряд
tailored programmes – личные программки
charged – напoлненный
relevant skills – соответствующые способности
reinforce your ability – подкреплять ваши возможности
career enhancement – карьерный рост

The Co-operative College is UK’s major provider of co-operative education, training and development Оf сo-operative education (it is its vision). Its mission is to provide challenging and diverse opportunities that enable learners and their organizations to put co-operative values and principles into everyday practice.

The Co-operative College was established in 1919 to meet the educational and training needs of the Co-operative movement. First, it was Оf сo-operative education located in East Midlands, Leicestershire near Loughborough at Stanford Hall, now it is in Holyoake House, Hanover Street, Manchester (www.co-op.ac.uk).

The Co-operative College is experienced in delivering regional, local and residential adult and lifelong learning programmes that emphasize co-operative values and principles.

Strategic Оf сo-operative education Objectives of the Co-operative College are:

– to meet the learning needs of diverse co-operative, mutual and social enterprises regionally, nationally and internationally;

– to promote and encourage the understanding of co-operative values and principles and co-operative learning within and beyond the co-operative mutual and Оf сo-operative education social enterprise sector;

– to continuously improve learning and quality standards across the whole of the College curriculum;

– to develop e-learning and information and learning technology (ILT) provision;

– to transform the Rochdale Pioneers Museum and the National Co-operative Archive into accessible lifelong learning resources.

The Co-operative College Оf сo-operative education offers a wide range of workshops and qualifications designed to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to enable directors and members to become more effective in the roles.

The Co-operative College offers nationally recognized qualifications; specialist courses for the funeral service; international programmes; co-operatative business programmes, etc.

The Co-operative Оf сo-operative education College has a portfolio of national and international projects designed to raise awareness of and benefit the co-operative movement, projects that help the co-operative movement become better informed and equipped to meet the business and social challenges of the new millennium.

The Co-operative College Оf сo-operative education is working with schools to develop curriculum resources designed to change the perception of co-operation among students and educationalists alike. The College is involved in new initiatives supporting young people in co-operatives, facilitating young co-operators’ participation in youth seminars arranged by the International Co-operative Alliance. The Оf сo-operative education College is working with partners across the UK on a range of action research projects designed to encourage a wider section of members to get involved in their democratic processes.

The Co-operative Union (the Co-operatives UK) and the Co-operative College provided the opportunity to build up Оf сo-operative education a truly national Archive of the co-operative movement to provide students and scholars with access to a valuable resource in a single center.

The Rochdale Pioneers Museum exists to preserve the original store of the Rochdale Pioneers and to generate an understanding of the ideals and principles of Оf сo-operative education the co-operative movement.

The Co-operative College delivers a range of specialist tailored programmes as well as IT applications including Microsoft Office; the European Computer Driving Licence delivered via the internet.

The field of e-learning is both an innovative and progressive new area of education, and one which Оf сo-operative education the Co-operative college is pioneering. E-learning modules offer a wealth of information on the subject of co-operation.

In terms of distance learning the College is currently developing e-learning CD Rom and paper-based packages for members and directors in the UK and internationally Оf сo-operative education. These allow learners to access parts of the framework for members and director learning from their homes and at a time that is convenient for them.

The Co-operative College provides learning, education, training, consultancy and research for the co-operative, social enterprise and mutual sectors in the UK Оf сo-operative education and internationally.

Your university experience, charged with the excitement of new knowledge, offers personal growth and fulfillment. The university that you choose, with its distinctive character and setting, will help you grow in many ways. The right university will broaden your general knowledge and develop relevant skills for life and Оf сo-operative education a career. It will reinforce your ability to continue learning throughout life and to adapt to a changing world. Your university should offer opportunities for career enhancement. While at university, you will develop lifetime friendships. So it is not surprising that selecting the right university is one of the Оf сo-operative education most important decisions you will ever make.

If you seek a university that provides intellectual challenges, cultural diversity, personal growth, enhanced career opportunities and preparation for an increasingly interdependent world, Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law is the university for you.


1. Find the English equivalents in the Оf сo-operative education right-hand column for the following:

1) высшее учебное заведение a) the broad educational opportunities
2) квалифицированный спец b) the national economy
3) сельское хозяйство c) a right to free education
4) широкие способности для образования d) to perfect methods of training
5) народное хозяйство e) to receive state scholarship
6) право на бесплатное обучение f Оf сo-operative education) to solve important problems
7) независимо от имущее-ственного ценза и общественного происхождения g) special privileges
8) получать стипендию h) a higher educational estab-lishment
9) особенные привилегии i) farming (agriculture)
10) улучшать способы обучения j) a qualified specialist
11) решать принципиальные вопро-сы k) irrespective of property status and social origin
12) непрерывное Оf сo-operative education образование l) mutual
13) основной провайдер m) challenging
14) престижный n) major provider
15) кооперативный o) lifelong education

2. Write a word to each definition:

– cooperation – education
– adult – effective
– workshop – opportunity
– experience – information

a) the act or process of acquiring knowledge, especially systematically during childhood and adolescence;

b) a favourable, appropriate, or advantageous combination Оf сo-operative education of circumstances;

c) a person who has attained maturity; a grownup;

d) knowledge acquired through experience or study; knowledge of specific and timely events or situations; news

e) the totality of a person's perceptions, feelings, and memories;

f) a room or building in which manufacturing or other forms of Оf сo-operative education manual work are carried on, or a group of people engaged in study or work on a creative project or subject

g) productive of or capable of producing a result;

h) assistance or willingness to assist; the combination of consumers, workers, farmers, etc., in activities usually embracing production, distribution, or Оf сo-operative education trade

3. What is missing? (Find the omitted words and define the part of the speech. Give the translation of the sentence):

1) The Co-operative College is UK’s major _____of co-operative education, training and development.

2) The Co-operative College was established in 1919 to meet the ___ and Оf сo-operative education ___ needs of the Co-operative movement.

3) The Co-operative College __ ______ in delivering, local and residential adult and lifelong learning programs.

4) The Co-operative College _____ a wide range of workshops and qualifications.

5) The Co-operative College offers _____ recognized qualifications.

6) The Co-operative College is working with schools to develop _____ resources.

7) The Оf сo-operative education College is involved in new initiatives _____ young people in co-operatives.

8) The College is working with partners ___ the UK on a range of action research projects.

9) The Co-operative College provided the opportunity to build up a _____ _____ Archive of the co-operative movement.

10) The Rochdale Pioneers Museum exists to generate Оf сo-operative education an understanding of the ____ and _____ of the co-operative movement.

11) The field of e-learning is both an _____ and _____ new area of education.

12) These allow learners to learn from their homes and at a time that is _____ for them.

4. Talking points:

1. What are educational establishments in Russia and Great Оf сo-operative education Britain which lead the world in co-operative learning?

2. When was the Co-operative College established?

3. Where is the Co-operative College located?

4. What is the mission of co-operative educational establishments?

5. What are strategic objectives of the Co-operative College?

6. What faculties and departments are there at Belgorod Оf сo-operative education University of Cooperation, Economics and Law?

7. What programmes and projects does the Co-operative College offer?

8. What is e-learning?

9. What resources of national and global importance can you emphasize? Why?

10. Do you agree with the statement that “a good group is almost half of a successful education”?

11. What is Оf сo-operative education your future connected with? (finding interesting, high paid work; making a career; creating a family; raising qualification, worrying about environment, etc.).


Conversational Formulas

Expressing one's opinion Вы выражаете свое мировоззрение
I think... I feel that... As far as I know... As far as I remember... As Оf сo-operative education far as I understood... To my mind... In my opinion... It seems to me I'd like to tell you that... It should be mentioned that... It should be noted that... To begin with... To tell the truth... Я думаю... Я полагаю... Я чувствую... Как я знаю... Как я помню... Как Оf сo-operative education я сообразил(а)... По моему воззрению... По- моему ... Мне кажется... Я бы желал сказать, что... Нужно увидеть, что.. Стоит отметить, что... Сначала... Сказать по правде...
Asking for someone's opinion Выяснение чьего-то представления
Do you think that...? What do you feel/think about...? Are you sure that...? Думаете Оf сo-operative education ли вы, что...? Что вы думаете о...? Вы убеждены, что...?
Giving reasons Аргументация, обоснование
I think it is right because... ...that's why I feel that... ...and so I think that... Я полагаю, это верно, так как... .. .потому я думаю, что... ... в конечном итоге я считаю, что...
Asking Оf сo-operative education for reasons Выяснение обстоятельств
Why? Why do you think that...? What makes you feel that...? Почему? Почему вы думаете, что...? Что принуждает вас мыслить, что...?
Defending one's opinion Защита собственного представления
Yes, but what I really mean is... What I'm trying to, say is... On the contrary Оf сo-operative education, I... What you said is really an argument for my point of view. Да, но что я в реальности имею в виду, так это... То, что я пробую сказать, – это... Напротив, я... То, что вы произнесли, вправду резон в пользу моей точки зрения.
Agreeing/supporting other people's opinions Согласие Оf сo-operative education/поддержка представления других людей
Yes, that's right. That's what I feel, too/I think so, too. Exactly. I (fully) agree with you. X put it very well. I feel that X is right. X raised some important points. Да, это так. Да, я тоже так думаю. Конкретно Оf сo-operative education так. Я (вполне) согласен с вами. X произнес об этом прекрасно. Я думаю, что X прав. X затронул очень принципиальные вопросы.
Disagreeing/contradicting other people's opinions Вы не соглашаетесь
I don't agree with you/I disagree with you. I don't think so. I'm afraid Оf сo-operative education you are wrong. I'm afraid I can't agree. It is not worth talking about it. Я не согласен с вами. Я так не думаю. Боюсь, что вы неправы. Боюсь, я не могу согласиться. Не стоит об этом гласить.
Expressing certainty and uncertain­ty, probability and possibility Оf сo-operative education Выражение убежденности и неуверенности, вероят-ности и способности
I'm absolutely certain that... I'm sure that... Perhaps... I'm not at all sure that... t is not possible. Я полностью уверен, что... Я уверен, что... Может быть Я совершенно не уверен, что... Это не может быть.
Expressing interest or indifference Оf сo-operative education Вы выражаете энтузиазм либо безразличие
I'm interested in... I'd like to know more about... ...sounds interesting. Please tell me more about... I'm keen on... It doesn't interest me. I don't care. Мне любопытно/Я интересу-юсь... Мне бы хотелось знать больше о Оf сo-operative education... ...звучит любопытно. Пожалуйста, поведайте больше о... Я очень увлечен... Меня это не интересует Мне все равно/Меня это не тревожит.
Expressing likes and dislikes Вы выражаете предпочтения и неприязнь
I love/like/adore... It is great/very good/fun/ fantastic/marvellous I enjoy... What I like best is... I hate Оf сo-operative education/dislike... Мне нравится/Я обожаю/преклоняюсь Это здорово/прекрасно/ забавно/ фантастично/изуми-тельно... Я люблю... Что мне нравится больше всего, так это... Вытерпеть не могу /мне не нравится...
Stating preferences Вы выражаете предпочтения
I'd rather... I prefer... Я бы лучше/я быстрее бы... Я предпочитаю...
Expressing doubt Вы Оf сo-operative education выражаете колебание
I have my doubts about that. I doubt it. It's very doubtful. You haven't convinced me yet. You may have a point there, but I'm still not sure. Я сомневаюсь в этом. Я сомневаюсь в этом. Это вызывает сомнения. Вы пока меня Оf сo-operative education не уверили. Может быть, что-то в этом есть, но я пока не уверен.
Expressing understanding Вы выражаете осознание
I see. I've got that. That's clear now. I didn't hear what you said. Could you speak up, please. Could you say that again, please. I didn't Оf сo-operative education understand your last sentence. Pardon? Понятно. Я сообразил. Сейчас понятно. Я не расслышал, что вы произнесли. Не могли бы вы гласить громче. Не могли бы вы повторить это. Я не сообразил последнее предложение. Извините. Что вы произнесли?
Asking the way/giving directions Вы спрашиваете/гласите, как пройти
Excuse me how can Оf сo-operative education I get to/can you tell me the way to/how can I find... It is over there. You won't miss it. Turn right/left at the next traffic lights. Walk straight on. It's the third street on your left/right. Walk along the Оf сo-operative education street until you come to… Извините, как мне добраться/ подскажите, пожалуйста, как пройти/как мне отыскать... Это вон там. Вы не пройдете мимо. Поверните вправо/влево на последующем светофоре. Идите прямо. Это 3-я улица вправо/влево. Идите повдоль по этой улице до...


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